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Product name : Wireless Wind-Light-Rain Sensor
Product No. : 2017112320520
Name : Weather sensor for awning and window opener
Model : AC302
Application : electric awning, electric window opener, electric roller blind
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 The Wind-Light-Rain sensor is suitable for electric sunshade, electric window opener, electric roller blind and other products. Work with motor and control receiver. Automatic detection of wind power, light intensity, automatic control. For example, when the sun reaches the set intensity, it automatically opens the awning to block the sunlight. When the wind level reaches the set point, take back the awning and protect the awning from being blown by the wind.

Wind-Light-Rain sensor Specifications

l        Unique shape with patent;

l        UV material plastic cover,be suitable for outdoor installation;

l        Wind sensor parts utilize double stainless bearings to ensure high sensitivity;

l        Laser printing on adjustment knob,clearly look and lasting adhesion;

l        3 optional installation ways;

l        Precise strength adjustment,more sensitivity


Working voltage: AC120V/AC240V

Working temperature: -20~+85

Waterproof grade: IP55

Control mode: Wireless control


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